Applauding 30 Years of Performances!

On Saturday, April 11, 2020, at the age of 70 years, at the Winchester District Memorial Hospital, the world lost a beloved and colourful woman, Suzie (Suzanne) Janelle (nee Fortin). A long time resident of Russell, Suzie was born in Montreal and was a Jack (Jill?) of all trades, working as a dental assistant, a veterinary technician, a 30-year school bus driver (if the kids on the bus were misbehaving, she simply pulled the bus to the side of the road without a word, took out a novel and read until the noise level fell!), a GodFather's Pizza employee (Embrun) and as an outstanding RAPA (Russell for the Performing Arts) volunteer for almost 30 years, where she expressed her artistic talents.

Suzie's avocation as a Props Mistress started years ago when she asked Elaine Trembley (these two women later became known as the "Rapa Witches") if she needed any help on props and thus began Suzie's "career" with RAPA. She could make (including amazing egg sandwiches) or sew anything and delighted in shows that had multiple (and weird) props. Anyone who knew Suzie knew better than to touch her props table (she sometimes scared newcomers who made the mistake of not returning their props to the props table!) and if you asked her a question about why she did things a certain way, she would invariably point to the t-shirt she was wearing, which bore the words, "It's a Suzie thing". In recognition of Suzie's devotion to Theatre Arts, she was presented with the first RAPA Lifetime Achievement Award.

Suzie had much compassion for the underdog and described herself as not "that great a Catholic", but as a "pretty good Christian" and had much insight into human behaviour.

Suzie was predeceased by her husband Anthony Janelle and left to mourn are her siblings Cathy, Rick and Michael, and by her children she loved so dearly, her son Robert and her daughter Victoria.

Suzie inspired us with her grit, her wicked sense of humour, her love of family & friends and her determination.


Godspeed Suzie.

Unfortunately due to the current situation with with the COVID-19 outbreak, we have decided to postpone our production of SPAMALOT.  We'll keep you posted on new show dates and will be refunding all ticket purchases made to date.  

We sincerely appreciate your patronage and can't wait for you to see this amazingly funny production!  

If you have purchased tickets at one of our outlets, please contact us at to arrange for your refund.

Thank you and stay tuned for new dates!

All About RAPA

What All the Buzz is About

Who we are!

Founded in 1989, the Russell Association for the Performing Arts (RAPA) is a local, not-for-profit amateur theatre company. While we are best known for the two major productions we present each year, we also provide bursaries for local students pursuing post-secondary education in the arts, provide sound and lighting equipment for other local charities, and otherwise give back to this wonderful community we call home

2019-2020 RAPA Board


President - Dave Rama
Vice President - Sandra McNeill
Treasurer - Cynthia MacRae
Secretary - Vacant
Past President - Sandra McNeill


Members at Large

Debbie Brink, Joyce Chartrand, Maria Chesser
Lucie Forget, Kevin Kennedy, Bill McInnes
Carolyn Patterson, John Tobias

John Garroch, Martine Rack

Our Next Production!

RAPA is thrilled to present Spamalot!  A wonderously humorous musical based on the wildly funny Monty Python! 

Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 virus outbreak, we have decided to postpone the production until further notice.  Stay tuned for rescheduled dates!



Director: Gord Hawkes

Producer: Maria Chesser

To Be Rescheduled

Cast List


Dave Rama                                     King Arthur

Nadia Beaupré                               Lady of the Lake

Jennifer Rowberry                        Patsy

Keith Thoms                                  Sir Lancelot

Scott Tomlinson                            Dennis, Sir Galahad, Monk

Hayden Chesser                            Sir Robin

Sandra McNeill                              Sir Bedevere, Concord

                                                             Dennis’ Mother, Monk, Chorus

Barbara Seabright                         Mayor, God, Tim the Enchanter

                                                             Minstrel, Chorus

John Garroch                                 Historian, Not Dead Yet Fred

                                                         French Taunter, Minstrel


Christine Backs                             Laker Girl, Minstrel,

                                                         Brother Maynard

Curran Hall                                    Laker Girl,

                                                             Head Knight of Ni,

                                                             French Taunter

Darlene Hall                                   Guard, Laker Girl,

                                                             Lovely Lady, French Taunter,

                                                            Minstrel, Chorus

Janice Jenesse                                 Lovely Lady, Knight of Ni,            

                                                             Herbert's Father, Chorus

Jennifer Long                                  Laker Girl, Lovely Lady,

                                                             Lead Minstrel, Chorus

Jessa Miklos                                    Monk, Laker Girl, Chorus

Matt Easterbrook                           Herbert, Chorus

Olivia  Keoughan                            Laker Girl, Lovely Lady,

                                                             French Taunter, Mother, Monk

                                                             Woman, Guard

Rick Ventrella                                 Guard, Sir-Not-Appearing,

                                                             Knight of Ni, Bors, Chorus

Stuart Brink                                    Monk, French Taunter,

                                                             Black Knight, Guard, Chorus

Vanessa Anstead                            Laker Girl, Lovely Lady

                                                             French Taunter,

                                                             Knight of Ni, Chorus      


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