Auditions Nov 28th-30th 2017

Please confirm a spot by emailing and indicate the parts you are most interested in, a bit about yourself including acting/singing/dancing/instrument experience.

Audition time slots will be from 6pm-9pm

Auditions to be held at
Russell High School
982 North Russell Road
Russell Ontario

Show dates are April 18-21st, 2018.


ROGER grizzled classic rocker (50s)
NICK young musician (early 20s)
MAGGIE café owner (30-60)
AMY pretty but edgy, tough (20s)
JEN new in town (30s)

"The Band" - On Stage
BILLY on the keys
JADE backup vocals
CLARENCE sax man
EDDIE axe man
DAVE the drummer
IAN the bass player

** Will consider other instruments as well based on auditions **


Looking for Vocalists to sing in the "pit band".
No acting required.

Chorus members to sing and dance throughout the Rock Opera

Special Dance Crew - We are looking for dancers to participate in a couple of hip hop based numbers. Minimal dance experience necessary. Will work with a professional choreographer.

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